Saturday, 1 March 2014

Lainee or Layni Cameron and Larna Watmough Bash Elderly Man!

Of course scum only get a slap on the wrist these days!

"A Gold Coast woman who abused and assaulted an elderly man on a bus has narrowly avoided jail but been slammed as "deplorable" by a magistrate and heckled outside court.
Larna Watmough, 21, pleaded guilty to serious assault of a person over 60 and public nuisance during an appearance in Southport Magistrates Court.
Magistrate Gary Finger didn't hold back in condemning Watmough's behaviour, labelling her and her co-accused as "louts" and "idiots".
"You attacked a defenceless old man with impaired vision ... you certainly must be proud of yourself," he said."

More at link below

Here are a couple of total and utter scumbags that bashed an elderly man on a Gold Coast bus, there names are as in the these lovely pieces of shit at work in the video below

Lainee or Layni Cameron and Larna Watmough "Slappers in Action" below

This lainee or layni seems to have multiple spellings of her name, typical of a criminal!

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